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Conditionof productwarranty.

Condition of product warranty

1. All luggage under the brand “Anintita” will be warranted in case of damages due to errors in production process only
2. The buyers need to keep and show warranty note as evidence indicating date of purchase to a service provider in case of protection and product warranty.
3. Normal product warranty term is 2 years. Of a customer takes the product to luggage care center of the company, there will be no charges (wage) during warranty period. If spare parts are ruined/ damaged, the customer needs to pay costs of the spare parts
4. In case a customer wants to deliver the luggage for repair but does not bring it to the luggage care center of the company, the customer can send it through post or transport agency but transport cost will be borne by the customer.  
5. The company will not take any responsibility in case a customer modifies the company’s product without written permission from the company although it is in warranty period.
6. Normal repair period is 5-15 days. In case f imported products, it may take longer time than specified.    
7. In case the products are out of warranty period or warranty ends, if a customer needs to repair the products, the company is ready to provide services but the products must be in reparable and reusable condition. The customer is required to pay expenses for spare parts and service costs (wage).
8. Under warranty of every product, the company may consider if your products are damaged from use or errors of the manufacturer and the customer needs to accept the condition of the luggage for repair without any arguments. The used luggage cannot be changed or refunded.              
9. ** the customers should check the luggage condition immediately when arriving at a destination. In case of damages causing dilapidation to the luggage, the customer can claim damages with an airline company at an office of the airline in an airport before claiming your luggage through custom. )Every airline company all over the world has damage guarantee to passengers’ luggage) The customers should maintain your rights and benefits to get protection from a company you travel with. In case the luggage or other belongings are damaged during the trip, the guarantee includes only production problems and degenerated spare part in guarantee only***

Conditions and exceptions in product warranty  

1. The Company will not warrant product damages due to misuse such as loading too weighed belongings than specified, throwing, impacts or conveying by a ground officer of an international airport who lacks cautiousness and causes the luggage broken, torn, scratched, distorted or accident as well as burglary, being cracked or cut until scratches or abrasions happen affecting the luggage usage or appearance or the customer cracks his/her own luggage because of forgetting password.  
2. For product repair services, if some spare parts or materials are deviated from the original or in some cases that the luggage needs to be modified, the customers will accept conditions that the luggage can be repaired and reused and the customers need to pay expenses for spare parts.   

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